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August 30, 2004

Eastern ChipmunkUnder Siege.

It’s hard for me, a tax-paying registered voter, to understand how an ecological imbalance of this magnitude can go without consideration (from both major political parties) in an election year.

And I am apparently not alone in my perception of this potential natural time bomb.

It’s Chipmunks. Eastern Chipmunks.

They’re everywhere. They scatter with every footstep. They scavenge from every feeder. They chirp from under every log and rock.

Oh, sure they’re lovable and cute.

But, c’mon, somebody has to do something!

Please tell me, at least, that Ralph Nader has addressed the situation.

UPDATE! Attentive reader Nancy has provided this link as a possible solution to the invasion of the diminutive striped beasts!

Thanks, Nancy!

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  1. Instead of blaming wild animals who are only doing what they do, why not find out why they are congregating on your property and make it less tempting to them. Bird feeders, gardens, berry and nut trees are all food sources that will attract them.

    As humans develop more and more land it leaves less habitat for the wildlife that lived there. We take their homes and complain about their presence. I find that quite arrogant, don't you?

    The "solution" proposed is a broken link but the url (coinsuicide.com) gives a hint. I'm frankly surprised that a realtor wishing to ingratiate himself with the public would post such offensive information.

    Comment by Anonymous — October 26, 2009 @ 9:12 am

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