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December 27, 2005

13th Month.

In an effort to start the new year with a uncluttered agenda, I need to toss or use an accumulated number of on-screen post-it type notes. A few that seemed somewhat newsworthy are listed below.

1) Traffic to this website continues to increase, year to year. Thank you.
2) A fairly large percentage of visitors find this website by searching for “Lake Vermillion” instead of “Lake Vermilion”.
3) The photo that attracts the largest number of visitors is this one posted during the last week of March 2005.
4) Most people visit LakeVermilionRealEstate.com during weekday working hours.
5) Although there have been numerous posts related to fish since January 2003, more people find the website searching for Woolly Bear Caterpillar or Eastern Chipmunk.
6) The well known nest shown in this archived photo (from July 2005) has now completely and sadly disappeared.

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