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April 2, 2009


It’s tempting to comment at length about the recent announcement concerning the proposed Lake Vermilion State Park. A few thoughts…

I believe most folks who live on or near Lake Vermilion are in favor of the park plan. I believe most who recreate on the lake are in favor of the park plan. I am in favor of the park plan. It’s good for the health of the lake. It’s good use of the land and lakeshore. It brings the experience of Lake Vermilion to many versus a few.

I think the Governor and the DNR Commissioner put together a good plan and a reasonable proposal.

It’s up to US Steel to do the right thing.

In a time when self-serving corporate attitudes and interests are in daily headlines, it would be a heart-warming headline that announced a mutually appropriate agreement was signed to sell the land and create the park.

It is a bit ironic when a $20 million public park is financially jeopardized, but, just up the road, a $40 million neutrino detector is back on track with fresh funding. (I love neutrinos as much as the next guy but… picnics at a beautiful lakeside park should produce as least as much positive societal impact as the future discoveries from an underground neutrino detector. And at half the price!)

I hope a Lake Vermilion State Park is still in our future.

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