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July 3, 2009

An Al Fresco Fourth.

It’s the Fourth of July. Already.

The holiday weekend weather looks great so go out and enjoy the out-of-doors.

I would suggest a picnic but I don’t think we do picnics anymore. Do we? Wikipedia describes a picnic as “a pleasure excursion in which a meal is eaten outdoors”. It’s an activity also known as “al fresco dining”. (I suppose you could, theoretically, “al fresco” any activity. I believe fireworks would be regarded as an exclusive al fresco activity.)

If you do plan a picnic make sure you chose a place free from insects. Insects and picnics are traditionally regarded as synonymous. Especially the insect known as the Ant. There is recent disturbing news about the Ant. You may find it hard to believe but the Ant has taken over the world. It’s true. And the Ant is not a creature to be taken lightly. They’re transformer-esque bodies appear to have the capacity to convert a picnic into al fresco carnage. It’s true.

So… get out and enjoy the Fourth. Maybe a boat ride would be nice.

P.S. The current edition of the Minnesota Conservation Volunteer has a nice slideshow of picnic days past.

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