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July 27, 2009


Water Displacement Forty.

A few days ago the passing of native Minnesotan, John Barry, was noted in the news.

John is credited with making WD-40 into one of the most widely used products in the average American household.

Surely, you know about WD-40!

Although it was originally developed for the “space program”, the versatile WD-40 is reported to have 2000 plus uses. (In fact, WD-40 has it’s own fan club with 100,000+ members.) Comments to this NY Times story reveal other interesting uses.

The fine folks who produce WD-40 would like everyone to know that WD-40 does not cure arthritis. Also, Lake Vermilion fishermen who use the lubricant to enhance their fishing success (and I know one or two that do) should know the product does not contain fish oil and it is not recommended as a fish attractant.

So… go ahead and lubricate that reel but watch that overspray on your minnow!

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