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A Buyer’s Story.

November 3, 2011

About 15 months ago I got a phone call.  It was a call from a person interested in the Lake Vermilion area real estate market.

The caller indicated they were somewhat familiar with Lake Vermilion and might consider a real estate purchase.  She had visited the lake as a child and her husband loved to fish.  She had memories, he had unused bait.

These very nice people lived out of state.  They were busy professional folks whose lives were filled with work, travel, school, and family activities.  They were not quite retirement age but they had determined it might be a good time to consider a retirement home purchase.

So we started the process to find a Lake Vermilion home.

These Buyers were relentless and persistent in their pursuit of the right property.    During the 15 months of our combined efforts they made 6 individual trips to visit and view homes of possible interest.  They considered and researched dozens of homes and viewed selected homes during each visit.  We sent and received 120 email messages, countless phone messages and phone calls.  We exchanged 2 edited tour maps.  They rented boats and motel rooms.  I would guess they drove about 6000 total miles during all hours of the day and night.  At times, they wore themselves out.

There is a lesson to be learned from these Buyers.

They took the time to understand their needs and wants.  They were realistic and practical.  They knew they did not need to find the perfect home.  They dedicated the time and resources to get the job done.  And, most importantly, they stuck with it.

Well… long story short, they found their Lake Vermilion home.  The transaction closed a few weeks ago.

They’re very excited and looking forward to future days on the lake.  It’s very easy to be happy for this family.

They deserved a happy ending and a happy ending it was.  Welcome to Lake Vermilion.

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