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“So… Why Hasn’t It?”.

May 18, 2012

Real estate is subjective.

That statement comes to mind every time I consider writing a post entitled “Why Hasn’t This Property Sold?”.

Real estate agents have the opportunity to visit lots of properties.  Most, over time, view many more listings than the most active of Buyers.  They are aware of desirable, salable, and value-oriented offerings.  Properties they, if they were interested, would buy for themselves.  These are the listings that beg the question, “Why hasn’t this property sold?”.

I have a group of Lake Vermilion area properties that are on a “I would buy that” list.  However, what catches my eye is subjective.  I know what I like but what I like is unique to me.  I have to believe the current market continues to offer “I would buy that” properties for most Buyers.

Our local market contains unique, high-quality listings at adjusted prices.

I bet there’s one that would fit on your “I would buy that” list.  We should plan to visit that property.

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