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Comparative Lake Vermilion YTD Sales Through July.

August 7, 2012

Here’s the July monthly installment for year to date completed real estate sales on Lake Vermilion.

(As always, year to date sales for 2012 are represented by the shorter black line on the bottom left of the graph.)

July 2012 hit on less than all cylinders and the result brought us to a 2010 performance level.  It would have been nice to see a bump in the positive direction but, at this point in time,  I would not consider this to be the start of a trend adjustment.

We’ve had a very nice Summer season with many residents and visitors enjoying all the lake area has to offer.  A mild mid-Summer slump in sales activity is not surprising.  Let’s see if 2012 can stay in the running as a rebound year.

As always… stay tuned.

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