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February 1, 2003

Notice! Off Topic Post.

I can sense that occasionally there’s going to be posts unrelated to issues and news of the lake. Such as the following.

The Minnesota Department of Commerce has accumulated quite a substantial stash of property, namely Unclaimed Property. Their website states the following:

“The Unclaimed Property Division is responsible for holding the abandoned or unclaimed funds or property until the rightful owner or heir is found. There is a one in 20 chance that you may have $100 or more coming to you from the state’s unclaimed property fund and not know it.”

Now normally I would not give these types of notices a second thought but… it said, “a one in 20 chance”!. I believe the last Powerball ticket I bought didn’t offer quite those odds.

Besides, this is not about ill gotten gains, this is Unclaimed Property.

So check it out. 1 in 20 will be glad they did.

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