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February 16, 2003

Just one more weekend-style, fish-a-thon post with slightly less than professional business content. The Pseudodictionary lists these words and corresponding definitions, among others, when you search for the word “fish”.

humassive– Cross between humungous and massive. e.g., If you think this fish is big, you should have seen the one that got away. It was humassive.
wally stringer– A 33-cent stringer you can find at Wal-Mart that holds fish very badly. e.g., Wally Stringer let my 5 trout go!
basserific– As wonderful as a bass, better than bass, describing bass, really, really spiffy. e.g., My new car is basserific.
sawed fish– The seafood preferred most by carpenters. e.g., Erik the carpenter, his wife, and family sat down to a seafood dinner of sawed fish.
kanutched– tangled e.g., The fishing line was kanutched on the bottom of the boat.
wallybobber– A wallybobber is a fishing rig (large bobber, hook, and large minnow)used for catching northern pike and musky. e.g., John caught a nice pike using a wallybobber.

See you on Monday.

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