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February 19, 2003

Here’s a couple of news items from the Department of Natural Resources concerning woodland creatures in our area:

Wondering how the local moose are holding up? The annual moose survey for northeastern Minnesota indicated an estimated population of 4,200 moose, down from an estimate of 5,200 moose last year.

“It isn’t clear whether the higher estimate in 2002 was due to a sampling difference or whether the population has actually declined since last year. The ratio of bull to cow moose observed during the survey this year was much higher than normal and suggests that the 2003 survey may have missed a lot of the cows and calves.”

Do you have a favorite bird visiting your feeder? The Department of Natural Resources is conducting a survey to determine the state’s most popular bird. There are 428 different wild birds in Minnesota!

“The ability for people to participate in the survey online has generated a huge response. It has been great to receive entries from individuals, school children and community event leaders on our Web site. The information comes in fast and provides a low-cost method to participate in the survey and to tally the survey results.”

Over 3000 people have responded so far, so get your vote in. The survey ends February 28th.

In a related note to the content of this post, check out Moosebirds on Lake Vermilion.

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