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February 21, 2003

Notice! Slightly Off-Topic Post.

HelsinkiThe Lake Vermilion area has strong ties to the Scandinavian countries, including, of course, Finland.

The climate in Finland has similarities to NE Minnesota. Winters can be particularly arduous. Especially with their combination of cold and lack of sunlit hours. (Northern Finland has “polar light” for a 51 day period with temperatures as low as -60F. Polar light is that period when the sun does not rise above the horizon.) The Finns, mustering all the sisu they can, accommodate this brutal light/cold combination with mostly casual mindsets.

But there are hints of vulnerability.

This photo is from the International Edition of the Helsinki newspaper. The image is described as, “Landing site for Elvis’s UFO on Töölönlahti Bay, close to the National Opera.” For more graphic hints of the Finns winter anomalies, see the rest of the photo gallery.

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