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March 9, 2003

PoachingThe new math is 1 walleye = $30.

OK, you’re on the lake and fishing is good. Real good. So good you have your walleye limit and it is very apparent you could easily boat a few more.

Well, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has implemented a new penalty system that should diminish your temptation to keep that extra fish. First off, you’re going to lose your fishing privileges. The only question is, for how long? The math to compute that penalty time goes something like this. The DNR has put restitution values on game and fish. These values are used to compute the penalty. For example, a walleye is valued at $30. Using the new math, a violator with 18 walleyes over the legal limit would lose his fishing license for 3 years. If the the game value goes over $1000, the penalty would become a gross misdemeanor. Additional consequences could include confiscation of equipment, such as boats, motors, and trailers.

The DNR explains the new penalties should eliminate the situation where

…”(they) just paid their fines and went back to fishing.”

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