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March 29, 2003

Northern cardinalAnd the winner is…

the Northern Cardinal!

With 1214 votes, the Northern Cardinal edged out the Black-capped Chickadee (1030 votes) and the Common Loon (801 votes) to finish first in the DNR’s Nongame Wildlife Program survey for favorite Minnesota wild bird. The survey results with the top 15 finishers are listed here. 5937 Minnesotans responded to the survey (mentioned in a previous post on this web site).

The DNR notes the most interesting entry (submitted by an 8th grade science class) was the popularity-challenged Archaeopteryx.

Post Survey Analysis. It looks like we may need a Congressional Subcommittee to look into the questionable activities of the Northern Cardinal. It turns out the ambitious Cardinal is currently the official State Bird in 7 of our 50 states. A curious coincidence made even more interesting after you look at the actual breeding range of the “black-masked” bird within the state of Minnesota.

It appears the over zealous avian has taken full advantage of its’ limited presence within the states’ more populous areas. Is it conceivable a well-orchestrated “vote early and often” campaign has secured the Cardinals’ victory?

The poor Black-capped Chickadee never had a chance. The miniature creature is certainly a much more familiar sight with most Minnesotans. Ask anyone who maintains a winter bird feeder. The Chickadees actual breeding range confirms it. But it’s too late. The Cardinal has been titled “Minnesota’s Favorite Bird”.

The Chickadee may have to confer with the Loon on how to gain and maintain a political foothold. The Loon finished in the number 3 spot in the Survey.

The Cardinal won and the State Bird finished third.

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