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May 4, 2003

WoodtickTick talk.

It’s time for a discussion about parasites. I know these posts should remain within the topic of Lake Vermilion real estate. I know some may find this an unpleasant subject. But the woodland creatures around the lake are many and varied. We should be familar with them all. So here goes…

Among the long awaited pleasures of Spring are a few items which are neither awaited or pleasurable. One such item is pictured here. This prime specimen hitched a ride on me from the woods near Frazer Bay back to our office in Cook.

It’s a tick. Or more accurately a male American Dog Tick.

It’s real tough to say anything positive about a creature whose place in the natural world is described as,

“an animal that lives on or in another organism, from which is derives sustenance or protection without making compensation.”

If there is a bright side to our coexistence with the tick, the U of M Extension Service states that, of the 13 species of ticks in Minnesota, humans commonly encounter only 3 of them. Unfortunately, of these 3, the Black-legged Tick offers a notable concern. The Black-legged Tick (or Deer Tick) is a potential carrier of Lyme Disease.

There are ways to limit your encounters with these creatures. I suggest you make yourself aware of the concerns and precautions.

And then continue to enjoy our great Minnesota outdoors.

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