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June 26, 2003

TullibeeCheeseburger with Fins.

Those DNR biologists are funny guys. And the Tullibee (or cisco, or chub, or lake herring) is one of the recent recipients of their humorous slant. They say the Tullibee has the “same effect on game fish as cheeseburgers have on big NFL linemen”. Yes, Tullibees make for great fish food. Big. Fatty. Rich. And Lake Vermilion has a healthy population of them.

Some interesting facts about Tullibees are: 1) They are related to the Whitefish, although they are a bit smaller. 2) They are pelagic, meaning, they feed in open water areas. Their diet consists mainly of zooplankton. 3) They spawn over rock and gravel beds in the Fall, much like the Whitefish.

Tullibees are an important part of the Lake Vermilion ecosystem and game fish food chain.

It’s like the DNR biologists say, they’re “like a bunch of little bratwursts swimming around for those young walleyes”.

Hey, c’mon, that’s enough, you DNR biologists.

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