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August 24, 2003

Jesse VenturaAn Overlooked Connection?

You, of course, recognize this person. It’s the State of Minnesota’s infamous former Governor, Jesse Ventura. Jesse is an indelible part of Minnesota history but his unique presence is undoubtedly fading.

The presence of the Common Loon, on the other hand, is doing just the opposite. The Minnesota State Bird has a healthy and growing Lake Vermilion population, per this Timberjay article.

But is there a connection between the Common Loon and former Governor Jesse Ventura? It is coincidence that Minnesota is the only state to take the Common Loon as it’s most prominent bird. Other states have chosen, typically, a popular song-type bird as their winged representative. We chose the Loon. With additional research, one might conclude that the Loon could be the Jesse Ventura of state birds. Consider these loon facts: 1) The loon can fly up to 80 MPH. 2) The loon can dive to a depth of 200 feet and stay under water 5-10 minutes. 3) Loons are resilient and long lived. 4) Loons have solid bones, not hollow bones as found in wimpy song birds.

Now isn’t that a bird you could put into the ring with any other state bird?

Perhaps the connection is far-fetched and not worth additional consideration.

But it’s good to hear a come back is in the works… for the Loon that is.

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