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September 20, 2003

Sunset Lake decoysNice.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has a special day every Fall when you can introduce a young person to an outdoors experience. It’s called “Take a Kid Hunting Weekend”.

We took advantage of the event to sample a little pre-season waterfowl activity. No licensing required. Just a young person accompanied by an adult. I accepted the invitation from my youngest. Simply understated, he has an active interest in hunting and fishing.

So me, my son, and a buddy of his got up before the sun and trekked out to Sunset Creek. We paddled by flashlight out to the lake and spent the morning chasing the locals. Ducks, that is. The boys had an good amount of action and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. As the required elder, I pretty much just watched. It was all I needed to do.

What a beautiful morning! That low-angled sunrise light shining into the mist on the lake! Quite a show! I had the camera. A combination of photographic elements like that can make any hack photographer think he missed his calling. It really was memorable. It makes you wonder why you don’t start every day like that.

I sure am glad I got the invitation. (Want to see a few photos?)

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