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November 10, 2003


Deer Management Retreat.

It was a cold weekend for our annual seminar. The usual group (with a few missing) gathered for an intense meeting on the whitetail deer.

It is a strong Minnesota tradition.

Our group consists of two distinct member profiles. We have several mature members eager to share their seasoned knowledge with anyone who would listen. And we have a younger group ready to put any plan into action, with or without the available seasoned knowledge. But our resolve was solid. We knew we could succeed. We had a good plan. We needed to adapt to the unusual cold temperatures. (-10 degrees or better on Saturday morning.) Into the woods we went. We only interrupted our quest to attend to other necessary activities. To warm and dry ourselves. To eat an occasional meal of traditional fare. To satisfy a thirst. To sauna. To play some cards.

In the end it was youthful enthusiasm, not seasoned wisdom, that proved the better management technique. But we all knew it was not about results, it was about the experience.

We agreed to meet again. Soon.

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