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November 19, 2003

Fish Head of State.

Minnesota adopted the walleye as it’s Official State Fish back in 1965. Then, the South Dakotans thought the walleye should also be their State Fish. In 1982.

Apparently, the State of Ohio has had a long running debate on what fish should represent the Buckeye State. Now, it looks like the controversy is over. The smallmouth bass lobby has secured a victory over the advocates of the walleye. I would think this is welcome news for all Minnesotans. We should not want the walleye’s “head of state” status diluted beyond it’s assignment as our exclusive State Fish. Perhaps South Dakota could make a change. North Dakota has the northern pike. The replication-inclined South Dakotans should copy their sister state to the north.

When you think about it… why does South Dakota even need a State Fish?

After all… Minnesota doesn’t have a State Fossil.

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