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February 25, 2004

Rebellion in the Midwest!

I have to say I am proud to live in the State of Minnesota. Minnesota has many fine qualities. One of them is the State’s record of innovative and original solutions to difficult problems.

Yesterday, the Federal Government apparently decided the Minnesotans had stepped over the line. The Food and Drug Administration notified the State (via a letter to our Governor) that the new Minnesota RX Connect website was not a good idea. And it was time to “reconsider your action” regarding this program that allows State residents access to alternative sources for prescription medicine. At this time, there has been no demand to shut down the website. More discussion is anticipated.

On a related issue the deputy chief counsel for the U. S. Department of the Treasury ruled that the snowflake design submitted for the new State quarter was “too frivolous” and would not be allowed. This decision is final.

Was it Will Rogers who said, It’s a good thing we do not get all the government we pay for.”?

Yesterday, however, Minnesotans got excellent value from their Federal Government.

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