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March 2, 2004

Ugly fishOnly a Mother Could Love.

The fishery of Lake Vermilion has a broad mix of fish species. The ever popular Minnesota DNR web page on the Lake Vermilion fish population is a testimony to that. And when we angle in the waters of Lake Vermilion we certainly do not anticipate any surprises when we reach into our landing net, grasp our catch, and proudly display the prize for the cameras lens.

That predictable scenario does not apply on all the waters of our fine planet.

Our Brown Bullhead and White Sucker look like Aniston and Pitt when you stack them up against some of the sea creatures found by the Australian National Oceans Office. Why just the names of some of these animals are enough to keep you out of the water. Consider the Fangtooth, the Umbrella Mouth Gulper Eel, the Lizardfish, and the Blob. Compare those names to those of our familiar finned friends called the Walleye, the Perch, and the Bass.

I guess I’m content with the the local fish choices and their names.

It’s not too tough to convince the Missus that you’re going to “boat a stringer of Walleyes” for dinner. I’ll bet it might be tougher to sell her on a “stringer of Fangtooths”.

The Minnesota 2004 Fishing Licenses are on sale now. (Don’t forget your Social Security Number.)

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