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May 4, 2004


I have to tip my hat to the folks at Yahoo. After almost a year and a half, this web site, Lakevermilionrealestate.com, is Number One when you use their search services for “lake vermilion real estate”. The evidence is here.

They, however, pull up a distant second to MSN. Lakevermilionrealestate.com has had the pole position there for quite some time. The evidence is here.

Google is another story. I would never claim to remotely grasp the logic behind any search engine. But I would think that a website with this name, Lakevermilionrealestate.com, would be associated with a search request with these words, lake vermilion real estate!

At Google, we’re still off the radar screen.

Thanks to all who search and visit here!

P.S. No new listings today… a rare occurrence.

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