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June 8, 2004

Section markerI was here.

Today, we have plenty of tools, devices, and gadgets to help us determine where we are. (Maybe what we need is a gizmo to enhance our sense of where we have been and where we are going.)

In real estate, especially real estate in “out-state-type” areas, monuments placed in the land are significant in establishing ownership boundaries. In fact, nothing brings more pleasure in this business than finding a property marker. Markers come in all sizes and shapes, but typically, they are rod-shaped, i.e. a pipe, a post, a pin. And finding one can make the day.

I found this Section marker a few days ago. At that point in time I might have said to myself, “I now know where I am”.

This adds credence to the time-worn saying of “Where ever you go, there you are”.

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