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December 2, 2004

Christmas meterBad Wrap.

If you are perennially challenged to produce that perfect gift for that certain loved one during the holiday season, then this might be a possible solution if you agonize over the gift-buying process.

Go to Stealitback.com. Stealitback.com is a website that sells merchandise from police department property rooms.

That’s right, stolen goods at reasonable prices just in time for Christmas giving.

(The website name is probably not Minnesota derived. Minnesotans might have called the webpage something like TheIllGottenGainsShoppe.com.)

You would expect, at such a store, to find plenty of jewelry and car stereos, but there is also the unexpected. Such as this nice set of bag pipes (they finally caught the bag pipe burglar) or perhaps this attractive parking meter (too bad they caught that guy). So browse around the store and you might just find that elusive perfect gift.

After all, everything is Incarceration Quality.

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