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December 7, 2005

Perfect giftTo The Mall.

It’s the bottom of the ninth.

Time is running out for us guys to score with a great gift for our significant other.

I believe there are those who are inherently gifted gift-givers. Some of us, equipped with only substandard abilities, are challenged at this time of year. It’s not that we don’t aspire to find and give the best and most appropriate package. We want nothing more than deliver that “…how did you know?” perfect gift.

But, once again, it’s late in the game and we apparently haven’t been paying attention. But maybe there’s hope. This guy has some recommendations on how to be a better gifter. If we can stay focused and convert good intentions into measurable progress… maybe next year will be different.

In our own defense, however, significant others are relatively difficult to buy for… when compared to us. Heck, we’re happy with just about anything with an ounce of practical use. Our acceptable gift list is nearly endless. Our standards are low. The options of infinite. Let’s just spit it out… “we’re easy to please” and here’s a perfect example.

Successful shopping to all.

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