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December 19, 2005


I have unintentionally taken a week off.

My last post was Monday, December 12th.

I might attribute the absence to Writer’s Block… that and a stubborn and distracting ear infection. Today I have taken action against this internal bug and scheduled a visit to a specialist. (You can only insert and rattle your pinky finger in your outer ear for so long. That temporary corrective measure has worn thin.)

Anyway… it’s that time of year when all the odds and ends that have accumulated throughout the previous months must be dealt with. (Every once in a while you have to remove the paper clips, pennies, store receipts, and partially unwrapped throat lozenges from the top of the bedroom dresser.) Warning! The following information follows no logical path and promises nothing of measurable value.

This website probably has a daily following with it’s collection of “Cute Imagery”. Are you the type who has a strong opinion on our federal tax policies? Check out all the boring details at “Summary of Federal Individual Income Tax Data”. This guy claims to offer the “Number One Selling Rain Barrel”. The Pseudodictionary (I’ve referred to them before) has nine reader submitted terms for the snow junk that accumulates under your vehicle in the winter months. Those nine words are as follows: snowberg, carbooger, cargoyle, mlard, mulk, road booger, skrudge, snardlump, tire plaque. This web site offers the rental of technical “how-to” videos. You can learn how to rebuild your General Motors 4L60E Automatic Transmission or play the banjo. Do you like free stuff? Are you a cheapskate? If so, you will enjoy this web site that advertises “the best things in life are free, after four to six weeks”.

Obviously, anyone with some time on their hands and an inner ear infection could assemble a similar useless list. But I’m going to stop right here.

For all who visit here (and I appreciate each of you) in search of Lake Vermilion real estate information, I thank you for your patience when these unrelated posts surface for all of online mankind to view. It’s time to return to the task at hand, so please consider this new listing on the west end of the lake. It’s a dandy!

Prime Lake Vermilion vacation home offered at $625,000

Request additional information here…

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