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January 13, 2006

ForecastFrzg Drzl.

If you’re like me you’re not happy about this rut of a weather pattern we’ve been condemned to endure. It has long since worn out its’ welcome.

We’ve had a steady diet of 20 to 30 degree temperatures, a consistent mix of freezing rain and/or wet snow, and partially to completely grey skies. Everyday. Since 1974. At least that’s the way is seems.

I appreciate a January thaw as much as the UPS man but this year we’ve had no real January to thaw from. Substituting for our normal marrow-cracking (previously used favorite adjective) January has been an infinitely repeating March weather pattern.


I think most would vote to abolish the one established March we already tolerate. Now… it seems we’ve already had a couple of March’s to practice on before the real March actually shows up.

Give us an ol’ fashioned winter. Snow. Cold. Wind-chill warnings. Misery.

Maybe then we’ll be happy. End of rant.

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