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February 16, 2006

The crewPoster People.

These guys could just possibly be THE poster people for Lake Vermilion.

Now we all know Lake Vermilion is a wonderful place to live, work, and play. However, on some days the natural environment in the Lake Vermilion area could put a damper on planned outdoor enjoyment. Today could possibly have been one of those days. The temperature at daybreak was (as mentioned) minus 26 degrees Fahrenheit.

That fact did not deter this group.

This is a group that enjoys where they live… windchill warning and all. So how should we deal with the less-than-ideal weather conditions? Why, simply… “Put on your long underwear. That is, if you think you need to.”

So we took a ride down the south side of the lake to the hospitable town of Ely, Minnesota. The trail was smooooooth. We enjoyed a nice lunch. And then we rode back home along the shores of Burntside Lake and Lake Vermilion.

It was a great day. A little chilly. But great.

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