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April 28, 2006

WoodtickTick II.

I needed to get back to the woods or back to the lake today.

I didn’t care which. Either could be sweet medicine for what I had… a case of the 494 blues.

The lack of post activity for the last couple of days is related to a required but not sought after need to travel extensively via automobile. The highlight of the marathon was a lap around the Greater Twin Cities area during the hours which all metro dwellers would advise you to avoid… the rush hours.

So today’s excursion to the woods near the Vermilion River to view a new listing (80 acres near the river, call me) was a welcome task.

I planned to catch up on the ol’ blog with the help of my trusty Nikon 995. The idea was to collect a photo that might represent the Springtime woods. I walked. I looked. I walked. I looked. But I exited the trek without tripping the shutter. No flora or fauna presented a worthy subject.

I was defeated…

defeated until I felt that movement on my ankle under my tube sock.

It was a tick.

Now anyone who has read these ramblings will know this is not my first tick photo. I’ve photographed and posted on the elusive wood tick once before. But when a deadline looms and your options are down to one… the tick gets the nod. Again.

I guess I’m thankful the tick is the only personal parasite I’ve had the opportunity to photograph.

Anyway, the road blues are gone… I’m going to bed.

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  1. sooo, what are the other personal parasites that you didn’t get the opportunity to photograph? I’ll share mine if you share yours!
    (doesn’t include offspring)

    Comment by Nancy — April 29, 2006 @ 11:26 am

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