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April 2, 2007

Ice out 1Ice Out 2007.

Reader Robb recently wrote with a request. That’s right.

He suggested a periodic report on the status of the lake ice. That’s a good idea which might be of interest to other readers, as well!

So here’s Installment Number One.

This photo was taken over the weekend and is it pretty representative of the overall situation. (This photo was taken from the waters edge on a typical rock shoreline.) Last weeks near 70 degree temperatures allowed for a very fast start to the ice-out process. The ice pack receded a fair distance from the shore edge. The overall ice pack is still very substantial and solid. (That is not an endorsement to venture onto the ice surface. It ain’t safe!) It appears as though the progress will slow this coming week with much colder air on the way and the suggestion of a winter-type storm. (It’s snowing as I type.)

Stay tuned for Installment Number Two of Ice Out 2007!

Thanks, Robb.

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  1. Bill, a test hole on Elbow showed about 18″ of ice sunday.

    Comment by Dan — April 2, 2007 @ 9:17 pm

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