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April 5, 2007

A Bump In The Road.

It’s that time of year when your favorite roadway is under siege.

Mother Nature has assembled all available resources to turn our happy, skip-to-my-lou country lanes into angry, suspension-busting goat paths.

I personally know of such a roadway.

The road maintenance folks do their best to keep the enemy at bay. But it’s really just a time of year when all they can do is persevere. The patching will resume after the forces of nature have had their way.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation is not, however, sitting back and doing nothing. They are monitoring driving conditions throughout the entire state. They are watching the frost and thaw depths on our highways. (Highway 53 near Orr, MN is monitored.) And they have a ton of web cams to watch us as we pick our way through the pot holes and frost heaves. (I was amazed at the number of cameras in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Maybe 200+? There was not one camera in the Lake Vermilion area.)

For more Minnesota roadway information than you ever dreamed was available, go the Minnesota Department of Transportation web site or try their Minnesota Road Research Section web page for all the technical details.

Happy Trails.

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