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October 9, 2007

A Post!

As the title notes, this website is about Lake Vermilion and real estate.

It’s LakeVermilionRealEstate.com.

Lately, the one singular question that starts a Lake Vermilion real estate conversation is, “So, how’s the real estate market?” Well, after fielding that inquiry a few times I have concluded that, in fact, the real estate market is alive and well.

There is one aspect of the market that has changed.

Urgency. And more specifically the lack thereof.

All of the other and typical ingredients are still present. 1) A generous offering of products that historically remain in short supply. 2) Motivated sellers hoping to sell their real estate. 3) And plenty of buyers who know that what they desire is in short supply. Unfortunately, the urgency associated with bringing those elements together into a completed sale is absent. My personal opinion is we will see an end to this aberration sooner than later. I would also predict that when the urgency returns it will do so with urgency.

That’s right.

In the mean time, I have to admit, posting here is a challenge. But I vow to work harder. New ideas are at hand.

This is going to help a lot.

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