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April 27, 2008

Sunset CreekTopping It Off.

It looks like the Spring of 2008 is not going to leave us with many endearing memories.

That’s OK.

We all know that the real season of our desire is Summer. And the lake is preparing for it’s (eventual) return.

The recent snow, sleet, and rain events have filled the Lake Vermilion watersheds with plenty of raw material.


And although, at this writing, there remains a pretty solid cover of ice on the lake, the rivers and creeks are sending lots of new water to fill ‘er up. In fact, the it looks like we are headed for an situation where, perhaps, we will have above average lake water levels.

This photo shows Sunset Creek (at the drainage control culvert) on the west end of Lake Vermilion. Sunset Creek drains Sunset Lake and the neighboring wetlands. The interesting and unexpected aspect of this photo was how it revealed the color of the water. This rust colored water is typically referred to as “tannin-stained”.

Larger images are posted here and here.

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