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May 7, 2008

Lake Vermilion brochurePolitical Correctness and the Resort Brochure, Now and Then.

The Summer season is THE season for lake resort owners on Lake Vermilion.

The Lake Vermilion Resort Association maintains this website to keep current and future clients informed about area lodging opportunities. The site includes a list of resorts, an availability search, an information request form, and lots of other useful Lake Vermilion facts.

The various promotional tools currently available to the resorter would be tough to explain to those lodge and cabin owners of years past.

Consider this vintage brochure (currently offered for sale on Ebay) from the former Tibbetts Resort on Lake Vermilion. The message was simpler, the prices were lower, but the advice remains true to this day… “If you’re too busy to fish, you’re too busy.”

Also, as an indicator of how our acceptable advertising has changed, please note the disclosure concerning personal qualities of the owners… “We are a middle-aged white couple.”

Certainly times HAVE changed.

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