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May 29, 2008

Cowslips 2008Cowslipping.

I’m pretty sure most viewers here have not been wondering when the 2008 version of the Cowslip photo was going to appear. Even so… the photo must appear.

The Cowslip, also known locally as the Marsh Marigold, is a very temporary resident of our local wetlands and it is our final confirmation that Spring has sprung. This year, the sprunging of Spring has nearly continued into Summer.

Just so you know… the Cowslip is a very widespread member of the “buttercup” family.

The plant is popular in England as well, where is enjoys a variety of names, such as the Kingcup, Mayflower, May Blobs, Mollyblobs, Pollyblobs, Horse Blob, Water Blobs, Water Bubbles, Gollins and the Publican.

So, it’s official. Spring is here.

The Water Blobs are in bloom.

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