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August 8, 2008

BlueberriesThe Patch.

I got invited to join a small group of local pickers the other day.

It had been a while since I was in the berry patch so this was going to be a treat.

We traveled a fair number of miles on roadways within two counties… and then, at an uncharted location, my pail and I were deposited into a Blueberry Patch that contained more juicy fruit than a Wrigley warehouse.

This remote location had berry bushes loaded with so many berries they buckled under their own weight. But the bushes were also tall enough to lift over and into your bucket so the berries could be stripped directly into the pail.

It was picker paradise! And a great time.

Are you a picker? Well, I’d say now is the time.

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  1. Little did we know when we bought land a couple of years ago of the treat that would await us(last year we were on a cruise in August). We brought several gallons back home with us for friends and family without even leaving our land. Delicious!

    Comment by John — August 11, 2008 @ 6:55 pm

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