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August 13, 2008

Market Update.

The current Lake Vermilion real estate market has, over the past several months, accumulated an impressive number of Sellers.

I think it is fair to say that many Lake Vermilion real estate Buyers have maintained a patient attitude towards any plans to purchase. Sellers have, for the most part, also remained patient with their asking prices. Of course, some motivated Sellers have offered price adjustments but, for the most part, the downward reductions have not been significant.

There have been exceptions, of course.

For example, this west end Lake Vermilion home is an impressive property with numerous attributes that enhance it’s value. In my opinion, that most recent price reduction of this property makes this lake home an attractive buy. If you are interested in a year round lake home with room for all your family and friends, you should see this Lake Vermilion home. (Note: An extensive (and negotiable) personal property list includes one of these. And one of these.)

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