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October 23, 2008

Beaver Fever Soda

The quality of Lake Vermilion water is very good.

However, as with most area lakes, there are areas of stagnant and/or shallow water that may support the development of less-than-savory waterborne creatures.

One such animal is the Giardia lamblia. This miniature Jellyfish doppelganger can, if ingested, introduce you to, shall we say, an unpleasant gastrointestinal episode (or two).

Occasionally you might hear someone refer to the ailment as “Giardia”. Actually, Giardia is the name of the critter. The sickness is named “Giardiasis” and you do not want to know the details.

So, whether you’re hunting or fishing on the lake this Fall or recreating on the lake next Summer, be careful with your choice and preparation of lake water intended for cooking or drinking.

It’s a lesson not to be learned the hard way.

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  1. speaking from personal experience?

    Comment by nancy — October 24, 2008 @ 4:49 pm

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