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December 12, 2008

Real Life Words.

It seems I have an interest in words.

Over the last couple of days a new (to me) word has surfaced in the media. There have been several high profile news stories that required the services of this specific word.

The word is “enmeshed”. It was not a familiar word so I had to look it up.

If you have an interest in words, what are you? There must be a word that identifies you as a word person.

Well, there is… sort of. You are a linguaphile. And the Wiktionary says so.

The Wiktionary is an online “open-content” dictionary. It’s kind of an information age version of paper dictionaries such as the ol’ reliable Merriam Webster. Merriam Webster does have an online version that does not recognize linguaphile as a word in the English language. Other resources, such as Wikipedia note the word as some sort of technical computer term.

If you enjoy the world of words there are internet places to hang out with others that like words, too. Wordie.org is an example.

As for the word “enmeshed” and the question of, What does this have to do with Lake Vermilion real estate?

Well… I’ll extend the 15 minutes of fame currently enjoyed by the word “enmeshed” by saying that, “I am optimistic that more lakeshore lovers will soon find themselves enmeshed in a real estate purchase transaction”.

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