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January 22, 2009

Rabbit tracksUp, Up, And Away.

On occasion your geographical place in the world will remind you of your location relative to the rest of your human family.

With that in mind… the Laurentian Mixed Forest Province can sometimes seem like a remote place.

Maybe it’s not so remote on a global scale but when an event draws us into the group we call our fellow countrymen, the place can feel like the cheap seats. The 2008 Presidential Inauguration was certainly a point in our history that focused our collective national attention.

I would agree that, regardless of political viewpoint, the peaceful transfer of power is one of the most defining moments of how we govern ourselves. And the image that remains with me is the one of a new President waving to his predecessor as the now past President is lifted from his tracks and, at that moment, departs his world of power, influence, and celebrity.

Even from the bleachers it’s easy to love and appreciate the ol’ USA at a time like this.

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