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February 3, 2009

Snow tracksIn Search Of Good Ice.

Each year the quality of the lake ice is dependent upon several factors.

Air temperature, obviously, and snow cover are two major players in what type of ice forms.

This year Lake Vermilion saw above average snow fall on a relatively thin layer of early ice. That combination resulted in large areas of heavy slush. If you have ever become mired in slush you know that it is not an easy predicament to exit. (I become stuck in slush and 18″ of water a couple of weeks ago. My thanks to the 3 young gentlemen who sacrificed their own dry feet to help me get back to high ground.)

Recently, much of the slush has frozen but treacherous pockets still remain.

Stay on an established trail to avoid any remaining wet areas!

(I’m not 100% sure which animal made this trail across the lake. It succeeded in it’s goal to reach the opposite shore despite an apparent issue with adequate ground clearance.)

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