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February 19, 2009

Mouse trappedR. I. P.

This photo has been in the file since hunting season.

This naturally opportunistic Common House Mouse got caught while foraging in the hunting shack.

Obviously the mouse fell victim to a bad but not uncommon mouse decision.

And although this is an unfortunate ending for this Common House Mouse the incident was also immediately recognized as a LVRE.com-quality photo and blog opportunity. Now all that was needed to bring the photo and the mouse to eternal internet life is an appropriate and complementary “mouse-in-a-trap” story line.

At this point in our modern history the obvious story choice would be a tale related to the world’s economic woes and the folks trapped, much like the mouse, in countless and unfortunate financial predicaments.

But I must resist.

We could probably all agree that we’re getting an ample supply of that type of information from our media friends. So, as a simplistic but direct substitute I offer the following statement.

“I hope, with continued improvement, this website becomes a mousetrap for you.”

And… of course, rest in peace, Common House Mouse.

(On a serious personal note… I wish the best for all who, for whatever reason, find themselves in a tough financial situation.)

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