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March 19, 2009

AIGTo The Future.

I believe there are many reasons to be optimistic about the days ahead.

But I do wonder how hindsight will serve us when we eventually have the chance to contemplate this period in our human history.

I would agree that the following three elements will be identified as common to our current collective predicament.

Arrogance… that attitude of superiority which helped to breed the complementary attitude of entitlement. Indifference… the laissze faire-like involvement of too many individuals and groups who did not perform their watchman responsibilities. Greed… undoubtedly the common thread that motivated all to believe the end justified the means.

So… as mentioned, better days ahead.

And hopefully history will show that our response to the arrogance, indifference, and greed produced a positive change in how we manage the financial side of our world.

What a minute… arrogance, indifference, and greed?


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