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May 2, 2009

WatertowerLocal Shovel Ready News Bonanza.

The local newspaper, The Timberjay, is stuffed full of news related to Lake Vermilion area improvement/development projects.

Here are a few links that may be of interest:

First, Marshall Helmberger considers the likelihood of the US Steel Three Bays shoreline development. He uses practical logic and current real estate market conditions to arrive at a reasonable conclusion about the project’s financial viability. US Steel shareholders might consider his rationale.

The newspaper also reports that the St. Louis County Board, after an eight year process, has approved the Lake Vermilion Plan. It takes effect on July 1st. (Read the Plan here.)

The City of Cook, MN can look forward to a new water tower (with 3 times the storage capacity) thanks to funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

The Lake Vermilion area towns of Cook, Orr, and Tower will need to consider options for consolidating their existing school facilities. Thoughtful discussion and compromise will bring better educational opportunities for our rural students.

New power transmission lines will bring needed electrical service to the Lake Vermilion area.

And finally, the “world’s most advanced neutrino experiment” begins in the Ash River Area.

Hats off to the Timberjay for providing excellent local news coverage!

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