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May 16, 2009

Tamarack shootThe American Larch.

It’s the middle of May. And our collective attention should be on the lake.

But… in our clime the woods, bogs, and fields are just now showing visual signs of renewed life.

After the persistent and mostly colorless Winter, Mother Nature rewards us with regenerating plants that emerge with the brightest colors we will see all year.

This weekend, after the snow flurries ended and the sun broke through, I walked the wooded edge of a Spruce bog and the green tint in the woods was… well, everywhere.

It’s easy to just walk and not look. But the once a year events of Spring deserve a higher level of observation.

This image is of the young regenerating shoot of the American Larch. You probably know this tree by it’s more popular name of Tamarack. (It’s the tree that doesn’t know if it’s coniferous or deciduous.)

It offered the good example of how easy it is to walk through the newly re-greened woods without noticing the unique details that only these Spring days offer.

So… remember to visit the woods on your way to the lake. And enjoy the green!

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