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September 28, 2009

Be Aware.

The spread of invasive species in Minnesota’s freshwater lakes is a persistent and difficult problem for all who care about lake quality.

The Department of Natural Resources reports today that Eurasian Milfoil has been introduced in Carlton County’s Chub Lake.

Lake Vermilion is fortunate to have people and organizations whose commitment to lake quality is continual and thorough. This stewardship is priceless to all who enjoy the waters of Lake Vermilion.

The Lake Vermilion Sportmen’s Club certainly leads the way in the diligent watch for invasive species. Their volunteer boat check program at Lake Vermilion’s public boat ramps has, for the third year in a row, found no unwanted travelers on any boat or trailer.

The invasive species problem, at this point in time, has no absolute solution. The opinion page of the Star Tribune offered this “red tag, blue tag” idea as a possible method to address the problem.

As with many public issues, personal responsibility is a key element to problems the affect us all. Please check your boat and trailer when traveling from lake to lake.

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