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Pre-Holiday Clearance.

December 22, 2009

Here are a number of items that found their way to the ol’ desktop but did not quite make that final leap to blogdom. Enjoy or not.

The Muskellunge is one of Lake Vermilion’s most sought after game fish. Here are several renditions of the Musky in cartoon form. If you are in the market for a unique fireplace… check out this collection of 15 unique designs. This describes no one I know. Tickle the virtual ivories here. I’m pretty sure all normally constructed people have one of these. I suppose most families could send an appropriate contribution to this website. Left versus Right… a graphic to explain the differences. Americans never see this view from the Canadian side.

Here are 3 items that may make for great but belated holiday man-gifts… a book about knots, a tool to pour liquids when no help is available, and a sink drain you can see through.

And finally… a favorite animated Christmas song.

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