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Cute And Immediately Useful.

April 22, 2010

When your idea well temporarily runs dry and you are pressed to write something it’s nice to know our world provides critters that can fill the void because no one on the planet can resist their appeal.

Enter the puppy.

Our family, as with many I’m sure, has had it’s share of family companions. Let’s see… there was Tawny, Zoomer, Tippy, Wiener, Howie, and Molly, a rabbit, a hamster, some fish, and a family of ducks to name a few. As family members age and move on to independent living the tradition of family pets becomes second nature.

Enter the puppy.

There’s a nice sort of comforting message that comes with the addition of a pet.  Especially when it’s a first time experience for a younger family member.  It signals the acceptance of responsibility in exchange for a shared existence.  It also qualifies as one of those lifetime milestone events.

Of course… the puppy is the perfect critter to fill this role.  Other creatures can stand in for the puppy.  Some, however, may not assume the partnership with the dedication seen in the puppy.

Enter the cat.

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  1. Hard to top Howie

    Comment by Tim — April 28, 2010 @ 10:27 pm

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