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Notes From The Week.

April 15, 2010

The last few days have not allowed much time to organize ideas into words so here’s a quick commentary on the most recent notes.

The weather has been very abnormal.  Not just a couple of degrees out of whack but 10-20 degrees to the warm side.  That’s a nice albeit weird change from a typical early April that, as with many niceties, it comes with baggage.  Such as…

It’s been very dry.  It’s been very windy.  That raises the concerns for wildfires.

And it lowers the lake water level which is now at near mid-summer height.  The woods is just starting to show signs of green up.  There have been a few bugs in the air.

The local wolf pack had an afternoon snack about 100 yards from my house (see photo).

The real estate activity continues to improve.  The available local inventory is increasing despite a growing number of sales.  Many sellers remain motivated.  Despite news reports of increased bank-owned properties the Lake Vermilion area market has seen a minimal number of foreclosures.  For buyers the message bears repeating because the combination of higher inventory and seller motivation is the perfect (and rarely seen) storm in a lakeshore real estate market.  If you consider yourself a potential buyer click here for the not-so-subtle message.

Anyone looking for a good used and very large satellite dish? Free.

As always, thanks for visiting!

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